Discover Hidden Treasure

Escape to a Truly Natural Tourist Destination with

Pristine Quiet Beauty

Honest Authentic People

Great Food and Wine


Find the Best Getaway Spot Yet!

Do you enjoy 4-star restaurants yet want to "hear" the quiet?

Do you long to pamper yourself with a spa treatment or massage?

Looking for an Art-lovers destination in a high-rise-free zone?

Would your family like to experience a real "Agri-Venture"— visiting furry alpacas, catching butterflies, climbing waterfalls, fishing world-renowned trout streams, swimming in clear, refreshing lakes, eating sun-ripened fruit right off the vine?

The Little Finger Lakes Region brings together the very best vacation experience with truly restful Deluxe Accommodations, delightful Dining Experiences, specialty Tour Packages, and unique Outdoor Fun!  Here you will find the time to slow down, explore nature at your own pace, and sleep a lot if you wish.

This region is full of what we like to call "Hidden Treasures" — to be found by those who are weary of vacations that you need to rest up from.  Learn to love your vacation time in the Little Finger Lakes Region. You will want to return again and again!


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